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Formed only a year ago by singer/guitarist Víctor M de la Chica of melodic metallers Moonlight Fear, this Andalusian powerhouse strip things back to an early heavy metal vibe on their recent EP ‘Return To The Witches Castle’ so it’s no surprise that Brofest came a-calling to book them to represent the new breed at a fest dominated by reunions and special one-off performances from the veterans of the old school. Telling us the band was the result of “an idea rattling round in my head for a few years”, Witchtower, who also feature Jesus on bass, Edu on drums and Chinchilla on guitars, are “totally influenced” by heavy metal from the late ’70s and early ’80s, with a strong influence from Angel Witch, Diamond Head and Tygers Of Pang Tang

Victor can’t wait to touch down on British soil, especially playing alongside his heroes. “This is a really big chance for us,” he says. “We are very glad for this opportunity, from here we say ‘thank you’ to all the Brofest crew. I did Witchtower based in that classic sound, most of the bands on the bill influenced my rock ‘n’ roll way.”

He goes on to reveal that, “we are … Read More


Hitting us with a last minute contender for album of the year, the latest offering from Uppsala hard rock legion Noctum, ‘Final Sacrifice’, has been the soundtrack to this issue. It’s way more Mercyful Fate than people accuse their neighbours In Solitude of, but with their own twist of classic heavy metal and doom intricately weaved into addictive and masterfully crafted songs. If you’re lamenting Ghost’s move away from the classic rock template and into disco territory then here’s your salvation. So we’re surprised when bassist Tobias Rosén admits that before the band started in 2009 he didn’t play any instrument. “We all went to the same school and since I wanted to start my first band I asked David [Indelöf, guitars] if he was up to it and well, here we are,” he says. Five years on he’s mastered the four strings, telling Iron Fist that, “The dedication, desire and danger that heavy metal brings fuels me in a way that I’ve never experienced in any other aspect in my life.”

About the new album, he also admits that, “I was sitting down listening to ‘The Wall’ by Pink Floyd and read ‘Black Cat’ by [Edgar Allan] Poe and just … Read More


Magic Circle possess the kind of unpolished charm and fathomless sincerity that most traditional doom bands would chop the sleeves off their favourite Solitude Aeturnus hoodie for. Their love for Pagan Altar and NWOBHM’s heavier moments runs deep, and the Massachusetts four-piece have released a self-titled debut album that worships Trouble, gives Pallbearer a run for their weed money, and is essentially everything that Hour Of 13 could have been if they’d managed to get their shit together. Not bad for a bunch of Boston hardcore dudes. Er, wait – what?

“We all got into playing music through hardcore and punk bands because it’s accessible and there’s historically been a big scene for it in Massachusetts,” guitarist Chris Corry explains. His other bands Mind Eraser and Death Evocation (amongst numerous others) seem like the polar opposite of Magic Circle’s masterfully melodic songwriting, and yet, it’s crystal clear that the riffs he writes comes straight from the heart. “Having known everyone in the band at least 10 years, this is a group of people who’ve always listened to a lot of old heavy metal and album oriented rock. We’ve listened to bands like Sabbath and Rainbow and Trouble for a long time, and … Read More


With albums from Atlantean Kodex, Argus and Age Of Taurus riding high in our albums of the year lists, and of course the final ever album from the true masters, Cathedral, it seems that traditional doom, steeped in the roots of heavy metal, is, once again, genre du jour, and now Esslingen’s Mountain Throne are joining the ranks with their debut album ‘Stormcoven’ on Cyclone Empire. Forming in 2009 guitarist A tells Iron Fist that he, “always wanted to have a band playing this ancient kind of metal” and had been writing songs in that vein for years. Drummer J joins A in the doom band Mirror Of Deception, while cracking singer F and bassist S are in the power metal band From Beyond, so the cachet is hot for this German four-piece. When asked what attracted them to the traditional doom genre, A says firmly, “It’s the choice of champions really, isn´t it? There is a sense of a tradition… knowing where things came from and how they developed. Real heavy metal and classic hard and heavy rock are incredibly soulful. In real metal you definitely have that spirit. For me, this magic is epitomised in the songs of … Read More


Virginia biker doom punks SATAN’S SATYRS have been one of the standout bands of 2013, espousing the same traditional values and old school spirit as Iron Fist. So, it was no surprise that our boss Will Palmer signed them up for his new label BAD OMEN. With a new album ready to go in early 2014, DAVE SHERWOOD talked to CLAYTHANAS about the creation of a new breed of wild beast

Some of you are probably thinking “Satan’s Satyrs? What? Who?” And rightly so. Well, continue reading and you’ll know more about them than those already in the know. With their second studio album soon to be unleashed by Bad Omen records in early 2014, Satan’s Satyrs are still an unknown force within the heavy metal community. However they go beyond heavy metal, beyond doom, beyond punk. All the elements that in fact create their monster sound. The bringer of evil, Claythanas (or Clayton to his friends), describes the band as “almost like a spectacle.” And this is not far from the reality of things. Fixated on the heavy side of ‘60s and ‘70s rock music and the darker side of NWOBHM, Satan’s Satyrs bring to the table a prestigious element … Read More


Even if they only had their first ever rehearsal back in December 2012, Possession are already making a stir in the underground with their debut demo ‘His Best Deceit’. Pressed initially on tape (at 666 copies of course) and now available on CD courtesy of Invictus Productions, this quartet led by Mestema on vocals are completed by Viriakh (bass), I.Dveikus (guitars) and PzKpfw (drums).

Performing a hybrid of thrash, black and death with shrieking vocals that betrays none of its Belgium roots, Possession are adamant about how “spontaneous” the whole thing has been from day one. “We recorded our demo live in the studio because we didn’t feel like spending hours overdubbing minor sound issues and mistakes,” specifies Mestema. “Instead of that, we thought that the bestiality and the energy of our music were far more important things to capture. We think this example clearly shows the way we see our band: we try to work seriously but we refuse to let some details turn into some exhausting pain in the ass. We wouldn’t call ourselves thrash or even black thrash but still we can understand why some people tend to label us as thrash. At the end of the … Read More


For a band with a reputation for a colossal sounding live show, the first thing about Shooting Guns’ second psychedelic doom opus ‘Brotherhood Of The Ram’ that grabs you isn’t its heaviness, but the pure grime and grit that emanates from its vinyl grooves. Then again, bucking trends seems to fit this instrumental quintet well: their self-released debut ‘Born To Deal In Magic: 1952-1976’ was nominated for the Polaris Music Prize (Canada’s equivalent of the Mercury), and ‘Brotherhood’ sold out its first pressing instantly.

“The tracks dictated volume and filth,” explains guitarist Chris Laramee. “When I got the test pressing home, I thought there was something wrong with my stereo. I’d also dropped it in the road before I got it home. The mastered version was dirtier than the final mixes, which is always a pleasant surprise. The material at hand deserved a rough slap and we gave it as big a shot as possible.”

Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in the middle of the Great Plains and far removed from any like-minded scene, Shooting Guns’ isolation, along with an obsession with doom, psychedelic rock, krautrock and space rock, has yielded a unique hybrid sound, which Laramee is quick to point out is … Read More


Flight is the latest collaboration to emerge out of Norway’s ‘Kolbotn Thrashers Union’; a comical term invented some time ago to support the mass of talent in this mystic part of Norge. Flight shares its members with those in Condor, Gouge, Purple Hill Witch, Mion’s Hill and Mabuse. Bass player and co-founder, Jonas Bye tells us about the formation of the band: “We always drink beer and listen to Judas Priest. I guess the idea of Flight came naturally because we weren’t playing in a heavy metal band at the time. It wasn’t really a conscious choice.” After having the pleasure of listening to Flight’s un-released rough demos, it is safe to say they are far more enriched in the rocky pre-NWOBHM sound. Jonas elaborates on their less-common played style of heavy metal; “We play what feels the best for us and we try to experiment a bit in that frame. It’s not like we try to make a blueprint of ’77 heavy metal. We are gripped by influences from all over. Nobody except Iron Maiden can be Iron Maiden”.

Talking with Jonas about the lack of distinctive band names today, unlike the original and self-explanatory bands such as Saxon … Read More


Johnny Touch emerged from the graffiti-stained streets of downtown Melbourne, Australia. Comprising of various street-toughs from Stargazer, Cauldron Black Ram and Beyond Mortal Dreams, Johnny Touch is the heavy metal embrace for hooligans who, above all things, love heavy metal. If you like Riot, early-Ozzy, Judas Priest, Queensryche, Racer X and Dio, then chances are you are going to like Johnny Touch.

“Heavy Metal is important and defining in so many ways,” explains founder and drummer Denny. “Over 30 years of tradition, it is so important; the culture, the comradeship, the denim and the leather.”

Earlier this year and in the midst of recording the debut album, ‘Inner City Wolves’, bass player Inphiltraitor instigated an indefinite delay after finding himself under the wheels of a semi-trailer truck.

“This happened on the eve of recording his bass lines for the new album! He is currently undergoing rehab and will be home before the year’s end. We are currently putting together new songs and have whittled away at whatever we could for the album.” This has not quashed future plans for the band, as they set their sights on rival gang territory New Zealand. “Bigger stage shows, bigger hair, bigger crowds, bigger breasts. That’s it, and all.”

But … Read More


The lyrics to the 12-minute epic track ‘Goddess Of Doom’ could very well be the Nicene Creed of doom metal, Christina Ricci love aside. In the plodding song, Finnish titans Reverend Bizarre chant 33 impeccable band names – the ones that moisten underpants, of course – concluding with the obliging, “We kneel at your altar, we bless thy holy names. You gave Doom to men, we try to do the same.”

Historically, doom has always been this unpretentious; it’d be dismissible if it weren’t so damn earnest and intentionally tongue-in-cheek. Band members celebrate their forefathers and mothers without hesitation, revelling in the mournful cries of their elders and contemporaries, and join forces to spread the despondent credo. In that sense, Vancouver doom act Funeral Circle is a typical doom band. Let the checklist commence: their name was borrowed from track three of the 2004 demo of Australian quartet The Wizar’d. They’ve covered the fist-pump-inducing classics, both obscure and well known – a song by Montreal’s Lord Ryür (‘Pact With A Sinner’) and Witchfinder General (‘Burning A Sinner’). They’re frequently name-dropped by premier German export Atlantean Kodex due to a longstanding friendship, and released a split in 2011 with ex-Bizarre project Lord Vicar. … Read More

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