Iron Fist Magazine

Iron Fist is a print magazine aimed squarely at disciples of heavy metal, whether that be traditional or classic metal, hard rock, thrash, old school death or doom

Born out of passion for music, it is a call to arms for other metal maniacs that want to reminisce about the genre’s early days while remaining hungry for the new blood keeping the scene alive

Iron Fist is the bible for those that can’t live without their denim and leather

Iron Fist is for fans of bands who push the boundaries of performance

Who don’t just play a show, they put on a show

Who write music that has a mission statement

Who play like their lives depend on it

With blood, sweat and tears, Iron Fist will follow their journeys whether it’s their 40th year of rock ‘n’ roll or their first steps to heavy metal infamy

If it’s being talked about in the obsessive circles of the heavy metal underground then Iron Fist will be on the frontline.

Founded by Will Palmer (Angel Witch) and Louise Brown (ex-Terrorizer editor) with a team of steel-obsessed connoisseurs Iron Fist is the go-to publication for all your heavy metal needs

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