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Now we know why it’s taking ages for Negative Plane to release a new album: the guys are all too busy with side-projects, Agrath being one of them. Actually two of Agrath’s members are in NP, and two are also in Ominous Resurrection! But let’s focus on Agrath: the trio honours old school and raw black metal with their second album. With a creepy atmosphere, instrumental songs (‘La Catedral Del Dolor’), basic drums, a handful of catchy and cold riffs, a very present bass, hateful vocals and a really live (and not always tight) flair, everything is so 1991. Well, actually, compared to ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, the first Darkthrone albums sound like a Hollywood production! And in addition, the songs are way too long (usually more than 6 minutes), the terrible production – drums especially – makes the charm vanish quickly. Too bad because there’s a good vibe here, with some uncompromising melodies, Burzum-esque touches (as in the title track), and some of NP’s spectral vibe here and there. Let’s hope they get back to their main band soon.

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