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North Dakotan trio, Egypt, serve up yet another slab of weighty stoner rock with ‘Endless Flight’. An upbeat but comfortable plod of blues laden groove composes the opening title track, bolstered by vocalist Aaron Esterby’s gravelly vocal delivery. Egypt operate on narrow spectrum of tempos, but they make excellent use of their pacing throughout. They pack sleazy ’70s swagger into every track on this five-song release, however, it can become repetitious and if you aren’t giving ‘Endless Flight’ your full and undivided attention, it can become akin to listening to one 30-minute long song.

This is the type of music that’s great for ripping beers to and watching live with your friends. However, it lacks the substance necessary to sit down and listen to from start to finish. It’s a solid stoner rock release, and one that will surely win the hearts of Sleep fans the world over, but for those whose tastes are a little more complex this record is no more than “just okay”. The soundtrack to a booze-fuelled night out, perhaps, but certainly not the type of album you’d sit back with on a Sunday afternoon and really dive into.

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