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‘Optimist’ is the third full-length from Dutch six-piece, Gold. ‘Optimist’ seems like an ironic choice of album title, given that the opening track is called ‘You Too Must Die’. Haunting and ethereal, their stoic and deliberately paced gothic rock feels like a solemn yet beautiful march towards the grave.

Milena Eva’s voice floats above the music, sounding otherworldly and mournful while a storm of complex compositions shifts and broods beneath. And this is exactly what this record feels like – the build up to a huge storm – the pressure, the ascent, the atmosphere all create a sense of drama and tension. This is amplified by the repetitive ‘Summer Thunder’ lyrics “wait for whatever is coming”.

This is a release that is both sinister feeling, yet strangely accessible and will resonate well with fans of the likes of modern goth rock acts Esben And The Witch, as well as fans of The Devil’s Blood, with whom they shared members.

There are moments of post-punk to be found within this album too, which keeps the dynamic fresh and steers it away from becoming an exhausting musical drudge. It’s Gold’s insistence to steer clear of genre definition that makes them truly great – rock and metal can often feel like it takes itself too seriously due to the impossible number of sub-categories. Gold offer themselves without labels or judgement and it makes them all the more enjoyable.

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