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Finnish doomsters, Lord Vicar, have been relatively quiet for the last five years; aside from a split with Revelation back in 2012, we’ve not heard a peep from them. However, considering each band member has at least one other project on the go, it’s safe to say their absence has been because of busy-ness and not due to a lack of enthusiasm.

Third full-length ‘Gates Of Flesh’ is a classic throwback to old timey sounding doom metal, which is hardly surprising when you consider they have ex-members of Reverend Bizarre and Saint Vitus within their ranks. Laidback ’70s vibes flow through opener ‘Birth Of Wine’ right into closing track ‘Leper, Leper’. Although this is undoubtedly a doom album, it’s not at all slow paced, droning or cumbersome; it’s packed full of melody and simple, yet fuzzed out riffs, making each song memorable.

The highlight is definitely Chritus’ vocals, their slight nasally quality carries an uplifting melody which is not unlike Ozzy Osborne’s voice back in his prime. This is a solid slab of classic sounding metal created by those who helped to shape the genre they reside in.

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