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In these oh-so enlightened ‘post’-y times, where trends seem to come and go on an almost monthly basis, sometimes it’s never more satisfying than to simply sit back and rock out. And that’s exactly what Bergen-based trio Magick Touch have done here. ‘Electric Sorcery’ brings neither subtlety or originality to the table, ‘tis true – what it does do however is Rock (capital R) in a gloriously infectious unbridled celebration of everything that got us into this music in first place.

Taking their cues from the greats of the late ’70s/early ’80s, Magick Touch blend Whitesnake, Deep Purple, G ‘N’ R, Lizzy, Zeppelin and even a touch of KISS to deliver us a finely-honed banquet of good old classic rock. From the very first few bars of ‘Love Rocket’, the energy and enjoyment that these three guys have put into the record is palpable. That they can a) write some great tunes and b) play their socks off just completes the package. The vocals of HK Rein and Christer Ottesen are characterful indeed, blending into slick harmonies on the infectious choruses of ‘Trouble & Luck’ and ‘Wildfire’ whilst Rein’s wah-drenched solos are splendidly delivered.

Catchy and convincing, with sparkly anthems like ‘Out Of Reality’ under their belt, fun Magick Touch may be but there’s a serious hard-rocking proposition here also.

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