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And so their Satanic mission of domination continues: Louisville, Kentucky’s heavy metal executioners, Savage Master, led by the whip-bearing, leather-bedecked temptress Stacey “Savage” Peak, returns with their second full-length, ‘With Whips And Chains’.
Less than a year removed from their debut, ‘Mask Of The Devil’, ‘With Whips…’ takes the debut’s black-and-white B-movie schlock foundation and improves upon it in all facets. Everyone involved, especially Peak who is still growing as a vocalist, sound more confident and relaxed in their respective performances.
Admittedly, their songwriting is not overly complex. It doesn’t need to be. This is unabashed, stripped-down heavy metal. There is no deception at work here. Savage Master are completely transparent and unafraid to embrace their respective influences, which they do with an almost childish glee. The presentation and resultant exploitation remains the hooks and their impact; Savage Master displays a keen ear for writing fist-pumping, headbanging anthems that are remarkably memorable. The beauty lies in the simplicity. Examples of this abound, be it the sadistic title track (a total corker), the punchy ‘Looking For A Sacrifice’, the sinuous ‘Satan’s Crown’, the apocalyptic gallop of the previously released ‘Black Hooves’, or the salacious closer ‘Ready To Sin’. As before, as above, so below: the occult/Satanic tropes remain central to the lyrical content, which weds beautifully with their gothic ‘Black Sunday’-inspired image, which succeeds admirably on this entertaining, organic and unrepentant trip down the necromancer’s path.

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