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Roll up, roll up for the Seremonia space punk safari; their forth full-length adventure, ‘Pahuuden Äänet’ (translation: voices of evil!), spills out sassy riffage and proggy fumbling for the freaked-out, freak-beat earthlings and space-race droolers.
Noora Federley’s vocals are nicely far-out, however, unless you are fluent in Finnish, it’s kind of like listening to death metal vocals where you don’t know what the heck is being said, but you really dig the harmony!
There’s a real playful feel to their arrangements; each song shares its own story as they explore fantastic fusions – eerie bass lines and slinky guitar grooves on ‘Riudut Ja Kuolet’ (‘Waste And Die’), kozmik drum blasts and strung out synth attacks on ‘Sähkölintu’ (‘Electric Bird’) – yet the album is absolutely comprehensive. The title track is the most pop-like of the lot and reminiscent of a ’60s ‘flower song’ however it still carries an essence of Nordic Noir. Therefore, for it to be categorised as ‘Psychedelic doom’ really bores me, I mean what isn’t psych doom these daze?
Seremonia’s artwork is a folksy array of occult tragedy to get turned on by, whether it be the well-crafted grotesque oil portraiture on this album or the dystopian ‘Don’t Fear The reaper’ black and white scrawling’s on previous sleeves.
Anyway, check it out space bangers, doom clangers, tripped up and out psychjammers!
And what do they always say – “if you like…” Hawkwind, Electric Wizz, Black Widow you’ll probably like this!

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