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A real statement of intent here, this five-piece race out of the blocks all guns blazing with a hefty slab of straight-down-the-line melodic power metal. Born in Belfast (but seemingly via a field stuffed with denim-clad stalwarts in Germany), Stormzone present an unashamedly polished proposition with ‘Seven Sins’. This is aiming high, no question – a massive, slick production, meticulous solos and huge choruses all points to a band with serious ambition. And why not? These boys have got real chops and are certainly capable of penning an anthem or two as the infectious stomp of ‘Another Rainy Night’ and ‘Master Of Sorrow’ prove. John ‘Harv’ Harbinson may not have the most distinctive voice but he’s certainly capable of belting it out over the solid, chunky backing. ‘Seven Sins’, whilst decent, has ‘mid-Afternoon slot at Wacken’ written all over it – and if (as one suspects) that’s the apex of Stormzone’s ambition, fair play to ‘em.

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