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Doom metal is perhaps the hardest sub-genre of our precious music sphere to get right. It really needs spirit and true passion to achieve the right result. Hailing from Greece, The Temple, understanding this completely, joined the most perfect label in the contemporary doom universe for their debut full-length album.

All the songs on ‘Forevermourn’ seem to be forged and conceived from sorrow, regret and struggle, inspired by bands like Solstice, Warning and Isole. The wise organic production and the rhythm guitar tone builds a moody wall and upon it, Father Alex is mourning. There is melancholy and performance with real emotional impact that interacts between the artist and the listener.

You are invited to experience their grief. You will dive deep into your inner self to seek darkness and despair. At the end, it’s up to you if want to be redeemed. This is true doom metal indeed and so few new bands can truly claim that heavy crown. In this Temple, we will mourn forever.

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