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Drag yourself down into the lightless Vale of Pnath, into the eerie shadow of the fabled peaks of Throk and listen – what do you hear? Deranged howls of the denizens from the Plateau of Leng fill the air and you realise, it is the music of Innsmouth. From the looming fog appears three misshapen heads, likely held together by the turbans perched upon them, and you see it is the cursed ones; those whose rotted and mangled limbs made the sounds that haunted you so. Thick walls of noise, a complete disregard for compression and guitars so dense it makes the ears drip red. Says vocalist and guitarist Nightgaunt; “With tentacles clutching at our very throats and a quagmire in our hearts, how could we sound any other way?” Dwelling in the beautiful but dangerous Blue Mountains of Australia, theirs is a style of blackened death metal that honours not only the Great Old Ones but also those of this world such as Bolt Thrower, Armoured Angel and Grand Belial’s Key. Expect neither technical prowess nor showmanship from this music, rather a steady and hypnotic translation of the horrors found deep within the desolate recesses of consciousness; that ugly place … Read More

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