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By now, it’s been three years since Tribulation’s breakout LP, ‘The Horror,’ was unleashed, and fans of their sinister death metal odes have been clamouring for more. The album dropped just on the cusp of what would become the recent old school death metal explosion, and immediately stood out from the pack with its sheer power and diabolical intent. Turns out this Swedish mob were just as impatient to record its successor, but, like any good band, were unwilling to sacrifice quality for speed.

It’s actually been over five years since we recorded the album,” their guitarist, Adam Zaars, reveals from their studio in Arvika. “I wouldn’t say that anything kept us from doing it, it just took that long because of the way we worked on it. When you write songs in an unconventional way, as we did this time, things might take time. We waited for the album to come to us rather than sitting down forcing it out.”

Good things come to those who wait, and it already seems like we’ll be in for a treat come 2013, thanks to Ireland’s mighty Invictus Productions.

We actually had a lot of labels hover over our heads trying to pull us into their nets,” Adam shares. “No bigger label really felt good enough, or right enough. Everything concerning this album comes down to us feeling comfortable with the people we’re working with and about us remaining in control over every single thing that’s going on. That’s exactly what Darragh [Invictus boss] offered us. A label should really help the bands get their whole vision out instead of trying to limit the possibilities, whatever they may be.”

The album will be given a North American release via The Ajna Offensive, adding another stamp of heretical approval to the band’s already impressive resume. A final thought from our axe-man: “When the first album was released we somehow managed to do it in the right time, I guess we just have to wait and see if we do that again. The album really is something else, and for us that’s a really positive thing.”


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