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It’s tough breaking into any scene, but for a fledgling British stoner band, you’ve not just got a rich history of bands that dominate the scene to contend with, you also have to tame those 20 tonne behemoths that they call riffs. Whilst even the most seasoned acts can buckle under the weight, newcomers Throne have taken to it like ducks to water, and they have a very simple method; “We just try to be honest about who we are and write the songs we want to hear,” William Michael admits. Some bands might find it all too easy to ignore those who have come before them, but for Throne it’s about bringing together the new and the old. “It’s like trying to strike a balance between honouring traditions and bringing something new,” the London-based bassist admits. Well, it’s an approach that is working well and 2013 looks set to be a big year as it will see them releasing their as-yet-untitled debut album as well as heading out to Texas for SXSW, “and we’ll have a go at the rest of Europe too, fuck it,” William laughs.

There’s a whole stack of reasons why Throne should be one of your new favourite bands; they’re heavy as hell and have some killer riffs, but one of the most exciting is their vision – they want to push their boundaries, but not so that it becomes a gimmick. “Pyrotechnics and flying drum kits probably wouldn’t suit us. We’re actually looking at introducing projections, orchestrated moving image or animations, which would be operated and manipulated live and in time to our set.” With that to look forward to, these guys could be sitting on the doom throne soon enough, rather than just being named after it.



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