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On September 11th, 2011 a beast called Ghold was born. Well technically it was called The Judas Ghoat, but even that name came later. Two aspiring guitarists got together and started playing, writing and recording music. They wrote with more people in mind, but in the long-run, they would be only two – and there would be no guitar in what was to come. Imagine all the dark, dank, dragging low-end horror of Godflesh, but propelled by the interplay between drummer Paul Antony’s pounding and bassist Alex Wilson’s strumming, and even more by their unison vocals.

“We just started writing music without any intention of playing shows,” Paul affirms, before Alex clarifies: “Well we started writing four and five-piece music, so we were fucked from the start.”

If Ghold go on as long as they deserve, ‘Fucked From the Start’ should be the title of a retrospective compilation – or perhaps a reissue of their first two releases, the ‘Ghold’ three-track demo and ‘Judas Ghoat’, a 40-minute mindfuck unleashed on cassette. “The first one was recorded in a toilet, the second in a shed,” says Alex.

‘Judas Ghoat’ was ready to record in mid-2012, “it just took ’til October to get the recording sorted,” explains Paul. “And again, this was a proper DIY venture. We recorded it in a big shed: my parents garage. We put mattresses up, divided it, made panels.”

“It took ages to put out,” Alex continues. “Paul’s mate in Bloody Mammals helped us: Gnostic Mystic was his label, but they’ve now said we can ‘ave it. They ran out of money after putting out ‘Judas Ghoat’.”

Contacted out of the blue by Desertscene to play support to Ufomammut – the gig will have happened by the time you read this – Ghold’s new EP, ‘Galactic Hiss’, is out October 28 on Baitin’ the Trap Records (Rick from Iron Witch’s label). Pre-orders started October 1, from which date CVLT Nation have been streaming ‘GH’ in its three-song, 20-minute entirety.

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