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Back in 2009 Cursed 13 released a split with Domgard, within moments the ground we stand upon shook and cracks started to appear and fumes from the bowels of Hell began to rise, but with the release of ‘Triumf’, their first full-length, they are ready to reach right into the depths of the underworld, bringing about the apocalypse. Brought together by bassist and vocalist Heljarmadr, “The line up came to be as we all are involved in Grá and now each other well, both musically and personally.” And though they have strong team Heljarmadr explains that he has written virtually all of the music and lyrics for ‘Triumf’, admitting “this album is the culmination of a long struggle.” When asked what influenced them musically there were the usual Mayhem and Burzum references, but Heljarmadr was unafraid to confess his interest in acts such as Johnny Cash, Nick Cave or even Wagner, and one listen to Cursed 13 and you’ll wonder where the hell those guys creep in, but that will be a fleeting thought as you’re taken back in by the rip roaring nastiness that they spew at will.

So many bands give out clichéd responses to their band philosophy, some try and sound evil and others try too hard. Not Cursed 13, they continue in their unique and unpredictable fashion, “Imagine that you’ve been horny for 15 years and suddenly you get a damn good blow job… That is what Cursed 13 is all about.” If these guys haven’t made it to the top of your ‘bands I need to check out next list’ after that then what are you playing at?

WORDS: Sam McKavanagh


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