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Infant Death was formed by me and Knegge in October 2012. We both made songs and rehearsed them with me on drums and him on guitar, here in Trondheim, Norway. We got our bassist Udyr in spring last year, right after we had finished recording our debut ‘War’. He was the scariest guy we could think of and he plays a Rickenbacker. We rehearse nearly every day in a World War II-bunker.”

Whoa. A World War-II era bunker? Hellhammer/early Celtic Frost practiced in a bunker rehearsal room too.
“Our basic influence is early stuff from old bands that play over ability: Venom, Exodus, Razor, etc,” Kim Kane muses. “An obscure influence might be Tina Turner. Chew on that.”
What would Mrs Turner think of a moniker like Infant Death?
“We needed something that we thought the common person would be disgusted by. None were though. It seems like people in general don’t know what Infant Death means here. An attitude with a naive madness is what it means to us.”
This might explain Infant Death’s wonderfully antagonistic style that Kim describes as, “deadly thrash metal with black metal and grind influences. Right now we’re in the early stages of composing our third album. We will record it this autumn, hopefully, to be released spring 2015.”
Third album? Who knew but a select few Headbangers, Earthdogs, Rivet Heads, Hell Rats and Metal Maniacs?
“We released the first demo tape in January 2013 and the second in March. Then we released the full-length, ‘War’, in June on Apocalyptic Empire. The two demos were released on a 10” in May 2014, also on Apocalyptic Empire. They will release our second LP, ‘Total Hell’, this summer.”

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