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Apologies to the guy in Black Viper who our editor attacked outside The Little Devil in Tilburg during Roadburn Festival. She overheard him telling some guys in the smoking area that he was in this “new band called Black Viper” and she just sort of grabbed him and scratched him, which is kind of her way of saying ‘Your band is fucking great’. They are. Marek Steven is less violent so we sent him to find out more about them.

Storming With Vengeance demo is great. Can you introduce us to Black Viper?
Cato: The band actually started around 2012 as a one-man project because I made some riffs which didn’t fit into [his other band] Deathhammer, but I thought they were good enough to make something out of. I then made some demo tracks without vocals but didn’t release them. I also started to record an EP in 2013 but that also didn’t get finished. Then I moved to Oslo in 2013 right where Arild and Christoffer live. I hooked up with them and Black Viper finally became a full band. Then we rehearsed without vocals for a while – as we couldn`t find anyone who could sing – and we started advertising for singers. Then I got a message from an old occasional drinking buddy of mine named Salvador who proved to have the perfect throat for the band. We rehearsed some more with him and recorded our demo ‘Storming With Vengeance’ earlier this year. Now we are rehearsing for our to-be-recorded debut album which is almost ready to be manifested. We’re just missing some lyrics.

Where did the name come from?
Cato: I just thought it fit the band because our music is fast and deadly… like a black viper.

What do you want?
Cato: To make your ears bleed with our metallic noise.

With members of Deathhammer, Condor and Nekromantheon you have the pedigree behind you, what inspired you to come together?
We have known each other for many years through drinking and gigging and whatnot and now we live right around each other’s corners so it was not hard getting the line-up together. All four of us love speed metal of course.

The vocals are great, where did you find Salvador?
As I said I have known him for many years through partying but I would never guessed he actually could sing so it was quite a nice surprise!

We can tag you as Speed Metal, but the demo title hints at Kreator? Any other general influences?
Yeah we consider ourselves speed metal with hints of heavy metal. The title is not a nod to Kreator at all, we’re more influenced by bands like Savage Grace, Agent Steel, Iron Maiden and so on.

When and where can we get the demo?
Cato: As for now you can download it for free through our Bandcamp, but we`re gonna release it on tape via Heavy Chains and Bifrost Records very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

What is next for the band, will you play live?
Yeah we have been booked for some Norwegian festivals this fall already. More gigs will be booked in the future I hope, but for now our minds are set on completing our debut album and record it sometime this year. Watch out!

And how is the scene in Norway now? Seems pretty steady!
Cato: Yeah there are good bands popping up on a regular basis here. Check out the Enter Obscurity 7″, it’s very cool! Rotten thrash with a black metal vibe. Also I’ve been addicted to the Tusmørke / Spectral Haze-split, especially the Tusmørke side. It’s not got that much to do with metal but it’s great old heavy proggy stuff so check it out. Looking forward to the upcoming Darkthrone album also.

What records are you playing presently?
Just blasting whatever I’m in the mood for, everything from Nuclear Death to Roxy Music.

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