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Born in the '70s and raised with the sounds of the heavy metal and hard rock legends. Currently working at No Remorse Records, in the past he has written for magazines and newspapers about the art of film, while working for construction companies. Dead serious and happiest with a cup of coffee and music on the go

Andreas’s Posts:

Ravensire – The Cycle Never Ends

After an EP, a full-length release and a split 7” single with the mighty Terminus, the pack of epic metal warriors from Portugal return with their best effort yet. ‘The Cycle Never Ends’ is what you need before the battle in order to destroy your enemies and drink blood … Read More

Terminus – The Reaper’s Spiral

So, this scribe’s best album of 2015 comes from Northern Ireland and it makes you raise your fist to the sky. Lyrically, it is (mainly) based around Isaac Asimov stories. Lyrics become images through inspired compositions that create an outstanding result that separates Terminus from all those other NWOBHM-era revival … Read More


Cloven Altar formed in 2012 from their previous band Spellbinder, in which Dustin Altar played guitar and composed the songs. Based in California, Spellbinder had a female singer Lauren Malechek and drums were handled by Michael McNally, but the band never had a complete line-up and only did one demo recording. … Read More


There are no boundaries when it comes to the dedication of creating good music and Magic Circle are the new proof of that rule. They already battled through a pure, epic heavy metal apocalypse with the band Stone Dagger, all while being called up for various punk and hardcore … Read More


One of our favourite bands of 2015 – who just offered us the release of ‘The Warrior’s Spell’, compiling their three EP cassette tracks and two new songs – Tarot have completed their first full-length album entitled ‘Reflections’. The band – who hail from Hobart, Tasmania – capture the mystical atmosphere created … Read More


Majestic hard rock from Tasmania. Not a description we use very often! Formed in 2011, Tarot released three cassette EPs during 2014 and then in 2015 these songs – including two new ones – were compiled for ‘The Warrior’s Spell’ album. “We don’t consider it to be a full-length album, … Read More


Rocka Rollas, Blazon Stone, Cloven Altar, Breitenhold… all bands under the guise of the mysterious Cederick Forsberg. So, how does this one Swedish guy manage to write and record so many (might we add, incredible, classic heavy metal sounding) albums and release them within weeks of each other? “Some … Read More

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