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Cult Of Endtime – In Charnel Lights

Although initially thrown by the muscular, Deicide-esque opening salvo, Cult Of Endtime here primarily focus on creating a limber but lumbering doom-death ‘n’ roll monster. However it’s the band’s restraint that is most commendable. The Finns combine subtle synth passages, colossal doom riffs and the twisting, labyrinthine structures of early … Read More

Myrkur – M

Leaving aside the infantile gender-based squabbling which accompanied the release of Myrkur's debut EP, 'M' is nevertheless an album suffering from an authenticity crisis. Leading with the colossal introduction 'Skogen Skulle Do', the album proceeds steadily downhill. Vacillating between note-for-note 'Kvist' and 'Bergtatt'-era Ulver 'tributes' (the latter seemingly with Garm's blessing giving his presence in the recording studio) and frigid, uninteresting ambient tracks, things rapidly become dull.

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