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If Kam Lee, former member of several bands including Death and Massacre, is sticking his fingers in yet more pies, you know those pies are likely to taste good and Bone Gnawer is no exception. The trio unexpectedly play straight up death metal and take influence from both sides of the pond with Swedish and Floridian members involved. Intro ‘The Anthropologist Inferno’ kicks the album off as you’d expect with spoken words of horror, screams of despair and the odd chainsaw. ‘Modern Day Cannibal’ continues the proceedings as they mean to go on and stands out as a highlight on the album with catchy riffs and a bouncy death metal tone that continues into ‘Chainsaw Carnage’. As you may have realised, every stereotype of death metal is apparent – with desperately gory song names, Kam Lee’s vocals and a standard chugging tempo to keep your head banging – and it may be average but its acceptably catchy nonetheless.


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