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Lily Randall is the death metal doyenne of Iron Fist, with an interesting obsession with tortoises (she owns three; one called Chuck Scheldiner, which we give her eternal high fives for) and spandex (she once made a figure hugging lycra mini dress printed with an all-over Carcass' 'Reek Of Putrefaction' design, again, eternal high fives). Most likely to be found drinking Buckfast and slurring some sass about Behemoth at Party.San Festival

Lily’s Posts:


Demona may be a one-woman entity but the passion and fight Tanza Speed has is as powerful as the music she creates. Starting out at 17, Tanza started her project in Chile, where she was met with criticism from the elitist South American crowd, despite her thrash metal following in … Read More

Skelethal – Morbid Revelations

For the clean freak inside many of us, Skelethal have had the decency to clean up their compilation and despite only three years behind them have created a 17 track album filled with demos and EPs found in the basement. For those not previously familiar with the two-piece from France, … Read More

Gorgoroth – Instinctus Bestialis

It’s been four years since that re-recorded version of ‘Under The Sign Of Hell’ caused a storm of negativity around the rather tarnished name that is Gorgoroth. After several line-up changes, a live show mocked for its desperation to be extreme and a lack of originality to live up to their … Read More

Bone Gnawer – Cannibal Crematorium

If Kam Lee, former member of several bands including Death and Massacre, is sticking his fingers in yet more pies, you know those pies are likely to taste good and Bone Gnawer is no exception. The trio unexpectedly play straight up death metal and take influence from both sides of the pond with Swedish and Floridian members involved.


Municipal Waste may have crowned themselves as the kings of party, with a drunken fan-base stumbling behind them but Tony Foresta, like his other Waste bandmates, shows a different side with Iron Reagan. Despite playing “house shows and dive bars” for the last couple of years, the crossover project consisting … Read More


The neo-thrash trend fronted by the likes of Municipal Waste and Evile may be waning but there are still many clinging on to the roots of the genre and resurrecting it with equally ancient, scuffed up hi-tops. Cue Southampton’s Desolator, who despite only starting two years ago have made quite … Read More


With the likes of Coffins and Abigail flying the Japanese flag in the underground scene, it was only a matter of time until more promising contemporary acts started to get the attention of the West. Darkcorpse’s black metal angst, fuelled by a DIY passion reminiscent of the punk era may … Read More


When a musical genre is defined by the era in which it was prolific is it controversial to resurrect it? For many, old school death metal should be left to rot in its hellish graves and only the gruesome forefathers are allowed to bring it back to life. As the … Read More


It’s rare to find one-man projects in the death metal scene, especially one as technical as Willowtip’s latest protégé Sophicide. The German lone ranger Adam Lazslo was just 19 when he formed the project, with EP ‘The Art Of Atrocity’ only showcasing half his potential. With Sophicide meaning “murder of … Read More

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