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When it comes to heavy metal teaming witchcraft with Lovecraft (Arkham is a place in his books in case you were wondering) is a winning combination, but having a good name is only a small piece of the puzzle – you’ve still got to put together some killer tunes. However, Arkham Witch vocalist Simon Iff? knows that his troupe have a lot of heritage to contest with. “This music has a history, a heart and a substance that has, and will, stand the test of time. It may fade in and out of fashion in the mainstream, but it will always be the backbone of innovation and integrity in any guitar based musical form.”

A legacy like that is hard to live up to, no matter how awesome your band name. Hailing from Yorkshire, a county of doom and gloom so naturally a hotbed for doom bands (there must be something in the water, or is it mead?) Arkham Witch are influenced by a mix of the greats Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Cirith Ungol and of course the mighty Witchfinder General, a splattering of Hammer horror films and HP Lovecraft novels and through it all runs a thick undercurrent of sardonic humour.

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