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Twin guitar harmonies,” is what Hakim, lead vocalist and guitarist replies when asked what prompted the foundation of Dead Lord, a new revelation in hard rock from Stockholm only founded in January of this year and currently entrenched in Sun Studios in Dublin recording their debut album, slated for an early 2013 release through Germany’s High Roller Records. Stylistically Dead Lord have it down, completely, bringing into the 21st Century all that made classic rock so interesting, vital and vibrant with a slick amalgamation of Thin Lizzy, Scorpions and Kiss as well as The Hellacopters, who upon further prodding certainly come out as being somewhat of a standard bearer and ‘go to’ reference point for a whole younger generation of Swedish hard rockers. “Yeah, Nicke Anderson would certainly be a big influence on us when it comes to exploring deeper into music and he has generally been a measure for good music,” is Dead Lord drummer Adam’s view on the matter, which is reinforced by a collective of nodding heads.

So what then of the emergence of a whole new wave of bands rooting deeper into the recesses of rock’s turbulent history, particularly in Sweden? “There’s a much better situation now in terms of a scene revival and as we go further into music, learning more, you want to do more,” says Adam. “We just don’t want to listen to only death metal or whatever. There is so much to explore and enjoy.” Walls have certainly come down and the continuity or perhaps re-emergence of an interest in everything from Uriah Heep to the Rolling Stones over the past decade has seen people become more creative and proactive in terms of the music they engage with and subsequently want to play.

With a calibre of musicians from underground stalwarts Morbus Chron and Enforcer in their ranks, Dead Lord are opening new doors for a new generation to embrace a classic sound and style albeit played perfectly by rockers in their mid-20s.


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