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Kurt Brecht is man whose lungs have earned him his name firmly carved into the walls of crossover thrash history and as 2012 heralded DRI’s milestone 30th birthday, the band, fronted by Brecht toured the globe in celebration. However, as the band have decided against recording any new music the dirty rotten singer has gotten himself embroiled in a side project, Pasadena Napalm Division. Taking their name from their Texan hometown and not the Californian suburb, PND were founded back in 2008 when local Houston death thrashers Dead Horse split and were looking to form a new band. Guitarists Greg Martin, Scott Sevall and drummer Ronnie Guyote set about recruiting bassist Bubba Dennis who’d served time in Texan/SF hardcore punks Verbal Abuse and when they heard Kurt was back in Houston on downtime while DRI guitarist Spike recovered from cancer surgery he was the obvious guy to get on board.

Brecht’s spoke of his choice to join PND saying; “I listened to the songs they had and realised that it wouldn’t be too hard to write some lyrics for them. The guys in the band all seemed really nice too. I’d never jammed with anyone outside of DRI before, except for the one song I did with Dave Grohl for his Probot project. DRI was my first band, so I thought it would be fun to jump in there and try something else out. DRI is my bread and butter, and I’m very busy with them touring right now. But PND is also really important to me. It did start out just as a little project, but hopefully, we’ll take it further.” They released their debut EP on Abyss Records in 2010 and living up to their ethos of “We’re veterans and we don’t fuck around” it’s six tracks of chugging classic crossover thrash at its finest and with their debut full length album in the can, that features Municipal Waste’s Tony Forresta on guest vocals, you can bet your last bullet we’ll be hearing a lot more from these old schoolers during 2013.


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