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Where Have All The Great Albums Gone?

Iron Fist Magazine presents a panel debate at Roadburn Festival, in the V39 venue on Friday April 19 at 2pm. We will ask the questions whether it is possible to make a truly great and classic album in 2013? Roadburn Festival is a community of music lovers and in our record collections there are no doubt albums that are regarded as “classics”, whether it’s ‘Killers’, ‘Rumours’,‘Unknown Pleasures’, ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ or ‘In The Nightside Eclipse’.

However, is it possible to make an album of that magnitude in the modern day music scene? Are the labels supporting truly great artists? When you can record an album in your bedroom in a day are we putting quantity before quality? With digital distribution, is the way an album sounds or presented unimportant today? Should we worry about selling a physical product in a record shop, the old-fashioned way, or through a website only? What will the legacy be of the albums of our generation? What albums will we insist our children listen to?

Moderated by Iron Fist editor, Louise Brown, she will be joined by musician and artist John Baizley, music journalist Jonathan Selzer, record producer Jaime Gomez Arellano, freelance music PR manager Rebecca Laverty and Michael Berberianowner of Season of Mist Records to stir up the debate and hopefully get closer to answering the question; where are the modern great albums?

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