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“Don’t be worried, new material is on the way.” Phew! That’s in response to our constant harassing of Jack MacMichael, lead guitarist with Lancaster bombers, Eliminator, who have only put out one single and a split since their EP ‘We Rule The Night’ in 2011. The five-piece are set to rule the night once again, as they’ve been hand-picked by Brofest to represent the UK’s new tribe of traditional heavy metal heathens. “We’re currently putting the finishing touches to an album’s worth of new songs, which we’re currently rehearsing with a view to record as soon as possible! We’ve been taking a lot of time with this, as we had a line up change early in 2013. It’s been tricky finding the time to get the new material penned, we also don’t want to release a load of crap just for the sake of getting a release out quickly. We require your patience, the end result will be worth it. You’ll hear a few of these new numbers at Brofest.

“We’re happy to be playing Brofest,” Jack continues of the golden ticket he was handed by Stu Bartlett and the Bro boys. “A couple of us attended last year’s edition and it was a blast. I’m very keen to see Fist and Ritual [if they play, there’s been rumours to the contrary], both of whom I’ve never seen and have high expectations for. I’m excited about Jaguar too, as they’ve been fucking mental when I’ve seen ’em in the past. It’ll be good to see Dark Forest too, as they’ve got a new album on the way and I’ve not got pissed with them for ages. With regards to representing new bands on a line up mainly comprised of veterans, well it’ll be brilliant of course, and not that different from many of the gigs we’ve played in the past. We’ve been on a few bills with old guard before and it’s always great to see the masters at work!”

With the plan clearly moving in the direction of getting well and truly trollied at the North’s answer to the Soundhouse, let’s hope the hangover clears as Eliminator are going to be really busy for the rest of 2014: “The plan is quite simple,” says Jack. “Finish preparing our new material. Record it. Find someone to release it, failing that release it ourselves. Get some gigs booked off the back of it. Drink all the of the other bands’ riders.”
See you at the bar. The drinks are on you!



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