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To kick off a series of top ten lists from artists and musicians that we’ve, well, hassled into submission Jason Decay of Toronto traditionalists Cauldron has given us his top ten tracks to get him in the mood for All Hallows Eve.

10. Halloween by Helloween
“I suppose this one’s a bit tedious, but remains a classic where I’m from.”

9. Trick Or Treat by Fastway
“A nice wintry track about the festive season.”

8. Halloween by Ostrogoth
“This is a summer record for me, but this particular tune tends to carry over into October.”

7. Drive To Santa Mira by John Carpenter

6. Children Of The Witches by Halloween
“The masters.”

5. Halloween by King Diamond
“King knows best and so would you if every night was Halloween.”

4. Halloween by Seduce
“The original!”

3. Halloween Night by Halloween
“One of my fave tracks! Find this one.”

2. Halloween by Misfits
“Dead cats hanging from poles and candy apples with razor blades, that’s how I remember Halloween too… Scary.”

1. Halloween by 220 Volt
“What Halloween is like in Sweden. Pretty similar to Halloween in America from what I gather… My favourite Halloween song these last few years, up there with Misfits.”


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