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Japanese doom kings Church Of Misery have revealed the details of their sixth studio album, ‘And Then There Were None’.

‘And Then There Were None’ is a typically blood-soaked trip through homicidal hell, with songs, as always, inspired by serial killers, however there is some change in the COM camp. Bassist and mastermind Tatsu Mikami found himself forced to find new collaborators in 2014 but wisely chose some names very familiar to the Iron Fist world. Blood Farmers guitarist Dave “Depraved” Szulkin joins the cult, alongside Earthride drummer Eric Little and Repulsion/Cathedral man Scott Carlson on vocals.

With members strewn across America and Japan, Tatsu says; “[This] was a challenge because there was not much time to make this record— only two weeks. One week for rehearsals and then one week to record all materials.”

Scott Carlson wrote all the lyrics, which also marks the first time he’s done vocals for a full-length album since Repulsion’s genre-inventing classic, ‘Horrified’.  He comments: “I was afraid to listen to it for a while because I haven’t recorded a full album of vocals in almost 30 years”.


‘And Then There Were None’ will be released via Rise Above Records on March 4. You can listen to a teaser track below courtesy of our brothers at Decibel Magazine


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