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Snotty, brash, Entombed and Darkthrone worshipping metalpunks OKKULTOKRATI are about to lay waste to the UK next week with a short tour of London, Sheffield and Birmingham. With a new video for ‘Magic People’ from their blistering new album ‘Raspberry Dawn’ just released we caught up with the band to find out what songs will be on the van’s clapped out cassette player as they drive between the homes of Sabbath and Priest.
Out now on Southern Lord, their label’s boss Greg Anderson described them best: “Fucked up in all the right places! Super original and I can say that I’ve definitely never heard anything like this! Visions of Bauhaus and Darkthrone listening to Joy Division albums by torchlight in the dark forests of Oslo.”
Actually that’s something we can imagine Fenriz doing… enjoy the sounds of darkness


The Spits – ‘Tomorrow’s Children’
“This is our favourite band.”

Emperor – ‘Cosmic Keys to My Creations And Times’
“Imagine being 17 and writing songs like this…”

New Order – ‘Dreams Never End’
“We covered this song on all of our tours in 2014. I like to think we took something from that song, and New Order in general, with us into the new album.”

Alan Vega – ‘Ghost Rider’
“Obvious pick, but the Alan Vega solo version is just so juvenile god damn rock ‘n’ roll and hard rocking.”

Misfits – ‘She’ (1977 single version)
“At the first Misfits rehearsals, Danzig showed up with an organ under his arm and played his songs while signing along to the organ. A perfect example that if you have the attitude you do whatever you want.”

Primal Scream  – ‘Accelerator’ (Live on Jools Holland 2000)
“So loud! Terrific rock songs, played at full volume. Just a killer rock band we recognise ourselves in.”


Ildjarn-Nidhogg – ‘Ved Tjernets Bredd’
“Punishing, repetitive and hypnotic. Ildjarn’s split with Hate Forest is also a really good one.”

The Cure – ‘Plainsong’
Huge song from a time where your music could be vulnerable and dark and you’d still be a super popular band. Must be one of the biggest songs ever. Made by freaks!”

Oppenheimer Analysis – ‘Cold War’
“I thought it was over?!? Seems like it never ended…”

Varg – ‘Under Beige Nylon’
“You can really get lost in this.”

Scott Walker & Sunn O))) – ‘Brando’
“We listnened to this album a lot when making and recording the album.”

David Bowie – ‘Warszawa’
“Our new member Feffe chose this one. You can definitely hear that he’s taken elements of this onto our new album.”

Okkultokrati’s UK tour kicks off next week. You can view their brand new video for ‘Magic People’ from their new album ‘Raspberry Dawn’ below (via Cultnation)


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