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When a musical genre is defined by the era in which it was prolific is it controversial to resurrect it? For many, old school death metal should be left to rot in its hellish graves and only the gruesome forefathers are allowed to bring it back to life. As the late 2000s saw the Internet-grown death metal rear its ugly head (some for better, some for worse), it seemed old school would stay “old” with the fresh flesh going for technicality over brutality and haircuts over heavy metal. However, push the weeds away from around the crypt door and it became clear that behind the backs of the the triggered, over-produced death metal hordes there was a new generation desperate to recapture the gory days.

Century Media was one such label that went grave-digging and while they’ve been busy reissuing classics from Marduk and Krisiun of late, it was their ear for the newer bands playing creepy, raw, decrepit death that marked them out. As well as snapping up bands like Morbus Chron and Necrowretch CM brought Isreali act Sonne Adam to our ears in 2011. That year, their debut ‘Transformation’ was thrown onto many an “albums of the year” list … Read More

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