Iron Fist Magazine

If you can imagine music to go with the torturous Latin phrase meaning to break the legs of the crucified then Crurifragium are bound to make your eyes water. With ghastly alumni containing members of Demoncy at the helm this is a primitive death ritual taking back to the bestial and with track titles such as ‘Utter Sadism’ it’s pretty clear what you are up for on peeling back the layers. Unholy growls and gurgles are borne into painful existence with a demonic foulness behind them and the instruments bring down a plague of contorted sounds.

Guitars squeal discordantly, drums pummel with masturbatory zeal and naturally the unholy cacophony is bearable for only the most extreme advocates of pain. Despite the raw and thoroughly unhinged approach these horned despoilers hit the spot with a ferocious precision that is impossible not to admire. Everything flails in an unrelenting fashion with cataclysmic gong strikes clanging like the opening of the very gates of hell. Having been totally crushed by half an hour of extreme misanthropy, hobbling off is the only possible exit strategy.

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