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A throwback to the fuzzed-out sound of the ’70s comes packaged in Electric Citizen’s ‘Higher Time’. Ominous organs lead into opener ‘Evil’ before the track descends into psychedelic mayhem that’s firing on all cylinders. Instrumentally, the guitars (courtesy of Ross Dolan) do most of the heavy lifting, with frequent changes in tempo and riff dynamic, making for a release that stands head and shoulders above the rest of the vintage amp-worshipping crowd. Vocalist, Laura Dolan, is the real star of the show, however, her voice projects with all the power of Janis Joplin while taking on the playful mysticism of Florence Welch – she’s charismatic and breathes life into each and every track. Irresistably catchy, songs such as ‘Misery Keeper’ are compulsory repeat listens, with guitar solos that are so good they feel like they ought to be fattening. This is a fun and funky up-tempo release that makes for incredibly easy listening and, unlike most of their peers, Electric Citizen really don’t feel like they’re trying too hard to achieve their desired effect. For those that have just about given up on the “throwback” fad, don’t be so quick to turn your back – Electric Citizen are a breath of fresh air in what could be considered a stale scene.


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