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Raging, raucous, raw, rabid black thrash is the name of the game here; these guys don’t mess around and from the get-go they spit out song after song in quick-fire succession like a musical artillery round. The vocals savagely spew out sermons of vitriolic bestial blasphemy whilst the guitars buzz away. Sharp riffage penetrates through the production like a rusty knife, the bass bulldozes away and the hellhammering double-kick-fuelled drum attack rumbles along like a tank at full speed.

This is black thrash in it’s truest and most ugly form, there is nothing even mildly pleasant or polished about the powerful and ripping racket these Spanish demoniacs belt out. They have nailed the genre sound to a cross, turned it upside down, covered it in gasoline and set it on fire!

The production is suitably stripped down but still packs a powerful punch and compliments the aural extreme aggression with all instruments cutting through the mix with malevolent force. As far as these guys are concerned metal still means danger and this is a sound not intended for wimps and posers. This is a metal massacre full of sadistic intent and storming with menace and ready to insult the ears of any hipsters that come into close contact!

This is as old school sounding as you can get in these times of overproduced slick sounding modern metal. Oh and if you didn’t guess, these guys like Hellhammer a lot, even their logo is reminiscent of the Swiss underground legends! Bang your skull and die!

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