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Yorkshire-based disciples of doom Iron Void have wasted no time in delivering the follow-up to their debut self-titled album with only a year separating the two releases. The veteran underground doom dealers stick to the same formula and ‘Doomsday’ contains traditional doom metal in it’s most undiluted form, clearly worshipping at the altar of Pentagram, Saint Vitus, Ozzy-era Sabbath, and Reverend Bizarre. There are slow crawling dirges from the nave and more uptempo hardrockers in equal measure, songs such as the title track, ‘The Devils Daughter’ and ‘Gates Of Hell’ will definitely have many a head banging. This is solid as granite, as heavy as a tombstone and forged in the fires of the truest of metal. The production is earthy and old school, simple but effective, Iron Void don’t need over-polished studio trickery, they let the heavy riffing do the talking.

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