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Just a year after their debut full-length album (‘Absolution’), the doomsters from Denver return with the perfect follow-up keeping their momentum strong. Once again, a great cover catches your eye before you even listen to the five songs herein.

‘Hunted’ is dominated by an eerie harmony courtesy of the emotional vocal performance and along with gigantic riffs and the menhir-solid rhythm section it is irritant bizzare and defies the borders of traditional doom metal. Melody is the key word here, and that is written with a heavy pen upon a monolithic text. Their ideas are inspired and songwriting stands in high levels, something that is  unique for a band that released two albums in such a short period for the standards of our times.

Besides the all-everywhere-Sabbath-aura, Khemmis are more inspired by US bands like While Heaven Wept and their melancholic approach, but also walk in hand with acts like Pallbearer. The production is a little louder than needed but even the harsh vocals on ‘Three Gates’ (the fastest song here) give a multidimensional vibe, followed by a soaring vocal line. Khemmis were good on their debut. Now they are great.

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