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One can guess that these Swedes had hip parents: not only do these youngsters look like their dads did in 1981; they also listened to their LPs and still wear their clothes. We’re particularly impressed to see that Gotham City shirt worn by Lethal Steel’s singer Viktor, if that’s an original! Based on the label (High Roller) and those shirts, you know we’re talking ’80s heavy metal influence here. British first and foremost, with early Iron Maiden melodies and solos, there’s also a Judas Priest influence, and definitely a Swedish/German flare on top of that; think early-Accept and perhaps more recent nods to fellow countrymen like Enforcer and Black Trip. Viktor’s voice isn’t exceptional, and would be nicer if going a bit higher sometimes, but he still does a killer job, and it’s actually when he sings in Swedish that it soars. Professionally produced by Enforcer’s Olof Wikstrand, with a bass you can actually hear without it drowning the guitars, this album has all the ingredients of classic heavy metal albums, with cool choruses, catchy sound, sounding ‘old’ without being outdated and with a few personal touches and sing-along anthems. Definitely a ‘good mood’ heavy metal album, certainly not the most original, but very well-executed, especially for a first album. These guys can be proud of their work, and you’d better keep an eye on them…

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