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There are no boundaries when it comes to the dedication of creating good music and Magic Circle are the new proof of that rule. They already battled through a pure, epic heavy metal apocalypse with the band Stone Dagger, all while being called up for various punk and hardcore war ensembles, and now the members of Boston’s Magic Circle find themselves in a doom metal field. Fighting the good fight alongside Pentagram, Witchfinder General and Trouble, under the all-seeing eye of Captain Black Sabbath, Magic Circle still have their own command. They deliver a unique statement of traditional doom-ridden heavy metal and their raw and earthy production is perfect for the current flock of retro rock fans.
Riff after riff, the sharp guitars build a heavy wall of crushing tunes, and then, on top of it all, you have a mesmerizing vocal approach. All this, combined with strong, studied and methodical songwriting steeped in super cool vintage metal, leads to a joyful “journey”.
From the awesome eponymous opener you get the point they’re trying to make with this doom worship and their journey begins perfectly with a seductive heavy rocker that has such a killer old-school riff. When it passes the torch to ‘The Damned Man’, you can clearly understand that singer Brendan Radigan is absolutely remarkable and passionate. He is just what it needs to make this journey memorable.
Lightning Cage’ starts with a beautiful short acoustic part and leads to an ultra heavy Sabbathical riff, while after that you have the ‘Ghosts Of A Southern Front’ that has an Ozzy vibe and then you move onto a more Pagan Altar-like anthem entitled ‘Grand Deceivers’. These guys surely know how to combine their influences in a unique blend and make seven killers-no-fillers that you can listen all over and over again, discovering many new things in each listening.

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