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Intent on bringing their devastating blizzard of hate-fuelled noise to a wider audience, signing to Season Of Mist has not mellowed Canadian war metal duo Revenge one notch. Their first release for the French label opens with a trademark barrage leading to a primal grunt repeated without decay until J. Read’s fractured drum battery snaps back in with a production many sound engineers wouldn’t dare touch.
‘Behold. Total. Rejection.’ is a mission statement against current trends. Following steadfast in the orthodox style developed by former guise Conqueror, Revenge’s Palaeolithic sound was further forged by a slew of acclaimed releases on Nuclear War Now into the single-minded bone crushing death-roar displayed here.
Percussion punctuates with paramilitant precision while guitars grind and growl providing a war torn landscape for Vermin’s vocals; a bloody tapestry of slogans and spiel. Shredded solos fly in and out of focus. Drums make savage blows; no subtlety, less respite.
No deviation of intent from previous releases – the two piece’s atmosphere of total nihilism is sustained throughout – relentlessly pummelling their message of isolation and superiority into your skull, a message that takes blackened grinding filth to its logical conclusion and leaves Revenge beyond peer again.

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