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For 20 years, Sacred Steel, the metal armada from Germany, have been walking a path of steel and have sacrificed their souls to heavy metal. The band’s new ninth album ‘Heavy Metal Sacrifice’ is a bold statement of how passionate and uncompromising metal should be played. There are certain standards in the music of Sacred Steel; it might be more “thrashy” or more brutal at timnes, but it is what it is… heavy… metal.

And it is a band that you like or don’t, a simple love or hate relationship but there are moments (like the mid-section of ‘Vulture Priest’) where the steel is really shining and you can’t deny it. Far from the commercial road of “how things should sound today”, ‘Heavy Metal Sacrifice’ is unbound and created from the heart and soul of true metal fans who deliver regressive and “pure” metal. It is not innovative but it is honest and will satisfy all the band’s existing fans plus those who perhaps are looking for a dose of real heavy metal.

There are more mid-tempo moments here with anthemic tracks like ‘The Sign Of The Skull’ plus the usual speed metal offerings like ‘Hail The Godz Of War’, but even if you don’t like ’em, just listen to ‘Children Of The Sky’. Solid and true to the bone, this is one of their best albums. Let there be metal, let there be Sacred Steel.

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