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These guys, from Oregon, USA, have a great evolution and you won’t believe how good their third album is. ‘Night Hides The World’ is diverse and full of catchy, feel-good melodies. It might bring you in mind to a few of the (real) greats in metal, from bits of the Alder-era Fates Warning to Queensryche and Iron Maiden. Everything is wisely placed and it’s incredibly cool that these five lads sound like one entity and not separate musicians just playing together for the sake of showing off their own individual skills.

They also stray somehow from the regular “new wave of traditional heavy metal” cliche, marking their own path with amazing guitar leads and solos in a more virtuoso way. The galloping rhythm section is a solid board and upon it they mark catchy vocal lines and harmonised riffs. They can even go prog in the nearly 7-minute ‘Betrayal’.

This album is the metal soundtrack of your summer!

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