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Sometimes all you really need in life is for a HM-2 pedal being pushed to the metal, delivering a good belt around the chops in the process. That’s exactly what we get here from Sweden’s Turbocharged– 12 tracks, 40 minutes, all killer and not an ounce of filler. Considering ex-Gehennah and Vomitory bassist, vocalist Ronnie “Ripper” Olson is behind it all and the group are on their fifth album you would expect them to be good at this but ‘Militant’ takes things to another league. Bringing a deluge of classic, crusty riffs and gnarly vocals spewed out at a belting speed it drags you back to the early-’90s and makes you want to find anything in the vicinity high enough to do a lemming-like leap from. Snappy, brutal, completely infectious and irreligiously flowing down the left hand path; grab it, bang that head and worship, or do exactly what the label suggests!

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