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Not much has changed in these Finns‘ dark bleak world since the release of their previous album a decade ago. And while some funeral doom persists to link them to the stark and primitive landscapes evoked by Thergothon back in ’94, they still churn out an extremely cavernous yet enrapturing sound of their own with semi-symphonic keyboards layers and oppressively heavy rumbles. Like their fellow countrymen Colosseum (RIP), there’s no light at the end of the tunnel with Tyranny and that’s why it feels, in a very masochistic way, so good to jump into that cesspool of negativity with them. After a solid ten-year wait, whereas many have evolved, Tyranny have not. Surely as a sub-genre, funeral doom doesn’t leave much room for improvement but since their groundbreaking ‘Bleak Vistae’ EP in 2004 that scene has been booming so they’d better up their game a bit if they don’t want to lose that ‘leaders’ spot.

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