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When your editor tells you two thirds of Midnight have taken to playing Scorpions and Dokken inspired rock and roll, you take note. Cut from the same cloth of anachronistic ’80s-worship as Steel and Skullfist, the hard rock four-piece deliver on all counts with a slab of cold, emotional rn’r. While at times the vocals might be a bit flat, it’s all part of the charm. Clearly the blokes had a lot of fun putting this record together.

Don’t let the album’s softer moments like ‘Running Lost’ fool you: at its heart, this is a speed metal record. There’s enough pounding drums, Warlock-inspired riffs and scorching guitar solos to keep any self-respecting headbanger happy, while ‘Back To The Grind’ and ‘A Fool You’re Right’ hint at something a little more ponderous going on under the surface. All that said, the record is perhaps a little long in the tooth, and the band re-visit the same ideas on different tracks a few times.

Maybe you want to tickle your nostalgia bone, or maybe your tape deck chewed up your copy of ‘Tooth And Nail’. Either way, these lads are worth a look-in.

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