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Ominous, anonymous, terrifying and obscure, Germany’s Beyond invoke a schizophrenic whirlwind of the deadliest death metal best described as the bastard spawn of Morbid Angel, Possessed, and (early) Kreator. Joining the Iron Bonehead roster with the ‘Enter Transcendence’ EP in 2012, July’s ‘Fatal Power Of Death’ full-length debut is among the utmost insanely violent extreme metal records unleashed this year.

“Beyond is anything that isn’t part of this world. Beyond feeds upon the blackness to violently humiliate the human psyche,” explains guitarist, vocalist, and mastermind, ‘R’, of his dangerously introspective and otherworldly musical visions. “We’ve been inspired by something that is difficult to explain. Speaking for myself, I’ve been against the grain of normality all my life and I’m way more open to stuff that is ‘weird’ among ordinary people. Paranormal material, mysteries about ancient history etc, this would be the blueprint to any decision that complements art in my life.”

Though, for all the esotericism, it seems there are greater and more determined forces at work: “Moreover, the reason Beyond was created was to determine an icon to start ending the ever-growing lack of quality in modern black/death metal era. If you ignore 99 per cent of all releases that surround … Read More

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