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Speedtrap are a five-piece speed metal band from Lappeenranta, Finland that formed in 2007. To date they have released a demo, an EP, a split EP with fellow Finns Death With A Dagger and a full-length, ‘Powerdose’ (2013 – Svart Records), which garnered positive reviews from numerous critics and found its way onto several year-end lists. This fall they are set to release, their second full-length under the Svart banner, ‘Straight Shooter’. According to guitarist Ville Valavuo, “We started in Lappeenranta, yes, but originally I was the only band member from there. The other members were from small towns surrounding it, and nowadays none of us live there anymore. Currently three of us live in Helsinki and the other two in Joensuu, cities which are quite far apart actually.” It was this collective isolation that provided early influence and inspiration while their love of all things heavy metal, especially the NWOBHM, provided the rest. “I would say our physical environment had a bigger influence when we started in 2007. There weren’t any bands like us in Lappeenranta, or even Eastern Finland for that matter, and actually the reason for starting a band like this was that no one else was doing it at … Read More


When we last spoke to black metal solo artist, Myrkur, it was towards the end of last year and she’d just released her self-titled debut. In that time the secret identity behind the music has created a whirlwind of controversy, while the songs themselves have divided opinion across the metal community, citing likenesses in everything from Xasthur to Dissection. Less than a year later the Danish musician is set to bestow sophomore effort ‘M’ upon the world, with Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver) at the helm of production. “We have a lot in common and he mentored me a lot,” reflects Myrkur. “It was very much a collaboration. It’s exciting for me to work with that level of talent and we share the same vision.” Myrkur’s collaboration with Rygg isn’t the only thing stirring up excitement about this record; the artist is lifting the shroud of mystery surrounding her identity and finally letting the world glimpse her face. “Sometimes I feel like I’m being forced to show more than I really want to,” she sighs, “but it’s also nice to have the freedom to be open about who I am and speak freely about what I want, and to connect with people.” And … Read More

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