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From the dark heart of England’s Midlands comes Antinomian, a sinister and mysterious orthodox black metal cult. Born from the sacrificial fires of the now defunct underground band Subvertio Deus, the Antinomian sound is at once reminiscent of Deathspell Omega, Svartidaudi and Malign, while at the same time presenting a uniquely intellectual aesthetic and a complex, compelling experience. Antinomian’s clandestine leader, Malaghod explains the origins of the project: “Shortly after the recording of Subvertio Deus’ ‘Psalms Of Perdition’ I withdrew from the metal scene. Antinomian was brought about from the sense of reinvigoration and illumination I had upon returning to it with a new perspective; I had looked into the eyes of death, humbled and reverent.” Debut album ‘Nihilum Infandum’ (on N.C.U Productions) presents four tracks of maddening and terrifying black metal. Describing the concept as Apophatic death worship, Malaghod again elucidates, “Antinomian is an exploration of the holy and terrible metaphysical nothingness, the divine absence of being.” A cut above the usual level of cult black metal releases, ‘Nihilum Infandum’ is a masterful example of black metal done right.

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