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Corsair are a rare treat: a classic hard rock sounding from the US (Charlottesville, Virginia to be precise) who proudly wear their influences on their sleeves – think Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden and a hell of a lot of vintage progressive rock – yet they have never sounded like a tribute-in-disguise, but more like a richer and more interesting act that is just getting started. Since forming in 2008 after guitarists Marie Landragin and Paul Sebring met at a local Black Sabbath tribute show they have released two EPs and one self-titled full-length. The latter has just been reissued worldwide by Shadow Kingdom Records, just in time to coincide with Marie and bassist Jordan Brunk’s bass return from a six months stay in France. “Paul has always been into those instrumentals Metallica had on their earliest albums and Marie loved Thin Lizzy so Corsair spun from both,” suggests Jordan, who joined a bit later. “But after we put a lot of effort into being cohesive, we started to branch out and break apart from each other as well. We love getting our guitars to intertwine while playing totally different parts.”

If their name was suggested by Paul “because of his love for WWII aircraft”, their silk-screened cover, made by Marie out of graphic elements stolen from an old book she bought in a second-hand shop, underlines perfectly their debut album’s lyrics, described as “weird Greek mythology mixed with some strange science-fiction or even heroic fantasy.” Depending on the reception it will get, their first two EPs might be reissued as well, but not before their next full-length, which the band have just started working on and hope to release before the end of this year.



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