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Disgusting, crust-ridden speed thrash. From the North of England. Utter scum. We can’t get enough. Al Osta (vocals), Oliver Turner (guitars), Callum Cox (drums) and James Lawrence (bass) admit they have a “penchant for all things heavy and fast” but that’s an under-fucking-statement, for sure. With a nod from Fenriz on his blog, Satanic Dystopia are heading for the big smoke and Live Evil Festival. “We were nothing more than some frosty dudes bonding over a few choice bands whilst yearning to play evil and fast music,” they admit of their formation. “It clicked from the off and we just started writing. Satanic Dystopia was birthed into this wretched world.

“It invokes the feeling of post-apocalyptic wastelands and horror, something all good thrash is about,” they continue of the name choice. “The song titles and lyrics give the feeling of total annihilation and violence, something that will play a big part in our artwork and overall aesthetics.”

Cult movie fans, SD write songs like ‘Double Denim Shotgun Massacre’, admitting that “the band is all about paying homage to films of lesser quality, but brilliant films in their own right. There is an incredible world of crazy horror, sleaze and action beyond the door should you chose to open it. The image of a denim clad, shotgun wielding anti-hero was good enough for us.” They also open up about their musical influences; “Midnight is a band that brought us together in the first place and to be honest it’s a pretty good place to start. The roster of bands is big but the main offenders are Aura Noir, Autopsy and of course Celtic Frost.” They might be psyched to play Live Evil then… “It was at the previous Live Evil when the idea to start a new band came about so to go from punters to playing in that space of time is amazing. It’s going to be a lot of fun. We’d have been at the festival even if we hadn’t been invited to play, as its always amazing and a fuckin’ party.”

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