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Those youngsters love to cover their tracks don’t they? Not only have they chosen an, erm, questionable moniker but despite their Mexican passport and young age, Question are playing an unpolished yet mournful form of death metal that seems to have crawled out of the Tico-Tico studio circa 1991. “Indeed, we have certain affinity for the Finnish rottenness,” admits their 24-year-old bass player, Héctor. “But you can easily find that element in many of the old Mexican bands so it’s all connected. We are big fans of metal in general, and I think lots of styles are present in our music, not only Finnish death metal. The early ’90s scene is special to us because of its naivety though. If later on, the genre became jaded, back then it was still young, fresh and dared exploring many different areas.”

The band is based in Querétaro, 200 km North-West of Mexico City and where Disgorge or Hacavitz are also from. It was put together in the spring of 2010 by Héctor and guitar player Rodrigo: “The scene over here got boring lately, the new generation doesn’t have any ideas, nor dedication besides being ‘cool’. At least we have some good punk gigs here…”

They went for that unusual name because they didn’t want “to be just the local ‘Necroblastpheme’. We wanted to be different. So one day a friend of us came with that idea and we thought it fitted perfectly with the philosophical context we wanted to portray. It reflects the idea that the truth cannot be achieved in life form.” Produced by former Denial guitarist Roberto Ganaras, who had to do several different mixes to satisfy the band’s lust “for a level of atmosphere akin to of our favourite albums, organic without being overproduced with the right ominous vibe” and featuring nine songs (three being re-recorded versions of tracks from their 2012 demo), their debut album ‘The Doomed Passages’ is another proof that across the Atlantic, the heart of dark death metal still beats in Mexico…



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